KRV Arnoldstein

Incineration plant choose Dustcontrol


KRV Arnoldstein combust 10.7 tonnes of garbage every hour which makes 80.000 tonnes every year. Dustcontrol’s mission was to install a cen- tral vacuum installation, which would take care of the internal environment, mainly to make it easy and efficient to clean around the furnace and to filtrate gas from smoke. Moreover to transport and filter active coal in the system.


Austria is known as a forerunner when it comes to environmental issues with strict environmental legislation and hard regula- tions. With modern techniques, a couple of incineration plants have now been built as a step towards improving the environment.

For a couple of years now, Dustcontrol has actively contributed to the improvement of the internal environment on these plants by introducing a centralised suction system. It’s a comprehensive system, 800 metres of tub- ing, a total effect of 22 kW and 64 different outlets. The installation was built according to the new ATEX directive to minimize the risk of dust explosions.


  • Centralised vacuum system
  • Tubing system 
  • Built according to the new ATEX directive


Centralised extraction system for cleaning and to filter smoke gas and active coal in the system.

Reference company:
KRV Arnoldstein Kärnten Austria

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Mr. Gerd Kesselring 
Manager maintanance Dustcontrol Ges.m.b.H:
Thomas Pfister 
Sales engineer 
+43 664 308 3646