Glass Industry

Glasproduktion mit Absaugtechnik von Dustcontrol

Glasproduktion mit Absaugtechnik von Dustcontrol

Absaugtechnik von Dustcontrol hält die Sortierung und Verpackungsanlage bei Stölzle Oberglas sauber.

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STO Stölzle Oberglas in Austria
Dustcontrol´s Exhaust System for cleaning production
and packaging lines for glass bottles

Three years ago the company STO Stölzle Oberglas contacted Dustcontrol Austria to plan a central extraction system for cleaning their production lines and suck away bits of broken glasses and complete bottles. The bottles had to be absolutely sheer, so the demand of a very effective extraction system was given priority.

The company STO Stölzle Oberglas has many subsidiaries and factories in Europe. For example in France and in Czechia. In Austria particularly the production is focused on among others, bottles for the pharma­ceutical industry and the cosmetic industry.

For Dustcontrol Austria it was an interesting challenge – to plan a system for complete bottles and suck them through a long distance. At first we used our office as an experimental laboratory, in order to ensure a trouble free extraction system. The bottles had to fit in a 90 degree bend. It meant: 2 x 45 degree EPDM bend and into branch pipes. Finally it was clear to us that our bends with the diameter of 76mm, were large enough for the larger bottles of 120mm.

After several tests, we were assured, that our DC11module 11 kW was the best central unit for this extraction system. To clean the band conveyors, we used a RAF1600 with filter unit S21000.

User advantages:

+ High power reserve
+ No suction loss due to cyclonic construction
+ Large filter area
+ Automatic filter cleaning
+ Residue-free material transport
+ Fully automatic operation without operating expenses
+ Wear-resistant EPDM branch pipes and bends
+ Clean band conveyor for clean products reduces failures on the items

Description of the System:

A vacuum cleaner is installed on the sorting and packaging lines for cleaning.
Materials to be absorbed are general impurities and glass splitter, with two suction points installed along the sorting and packing line.
The system is designed for the simultaneity of 3 suction points.
The material is sucked off via a suction nozzle, which is connected to the pipe system via a hose.
As soon as the suction nozzle is removed from the holder, the pusher slider is automatically opened by means of a pneumatic probe and the suction is started. When the suction nozzle is returned to the holder, the blocking slide closes automatically and the system switches off after an adjustable after-running time.
A vacuum valve is installed at the end of the main line for a residue-free conveyance through the pipe system.
The central unit is installed in the basement. The material collects in a mobile container attached to the underside of the separator.